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Khyri's Journal

The ongoing saga

7 September 1961
Hi. I'm a professional webmaster, currently employed at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. I've been creating web sites since 1994, and an internet user since 1991 or so. I've lost count of the number of sites I've created and maintained but it's in three figures now. I'm a hand-coder and CSS fan. I like PHP and hate javascript. I started the postgresql community but in my current job, I use MySQL.

I've owned Tibetan Mastiffs in the past, but now share my home with two cats. I live in a large manufactured home on an acre of desert here in Tucson. In 2006, I passed the exams for, and have an (inactive) Real Estate license and spend much of my time browsing the MLS database.

My previous online obessions include MUSHes (1991-1996 or so), playing online poker for fake money, Blogshares and SecondLife. These days, my online gaming is mostly restricted to World of Warcraft, where I have 24 characters scattered across the Kirin Tor, Lothar, The Scryers, Farstriders, Steamwheedle Cartel and Agammagan US servers. More recently, I have been co-administering TRANScend GENDER, a collaborative blog for the discussion of all aspects of gender roles and identity, and how we can transcend these aspects in our daily lives.

Anything else can be gleaned from my interests list.

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